Friday, February 27, 2015

Eggless Banana Walnut Bread

          I have tried making banana bread couple of times, in the past, they have all come out good, but this one, that I made two weeks back, is the best ever. The bread was moist and the texture perfect, but the best part is, I made it with whole wheat flour ( I used regular atta, used for making rotis ). I followed the recipe from here and I have replaced the eggs with chia seeds and yogurt/curd. The bread was an absolute hit at home, no more looking for another banana bread recipe, this is it..
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Narthangai ( Citron ) Pachadi

          Narthangai/Citron Pachadi, this is my mother-in-law's recipe, the first time I tasted it, I simply loved it, and I wanted to try it out myself. Couple of months back, I got half a dozen of these citrons and I couldn't wait to make this pachadi. The recipe is very simple, but peeling and taking the inner part of the narthangai is the time consuming part. I peeled and made everything ready the previous night and made the pachadi the next morning. This pachadi can be had, mixed with some white rice or as a side with some curd rice, do try this, the next time you get narthangai..
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Monday, February 23, 2015

Lasooni Palak, Garlicky Spinach

          Lasooni Palak/Garlicky Spinach, as the name suggests has loads of garlic in it and we all know that spinach and garlic go together very well. I have made a puree with the spinach and then cooked it with garlic and other spices and then again finally garnished with some more garlic. It goes very well with rotis, naans or even with mild pilafs, if you like spinach and garlic, then you'll love this delicious curry..
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Monday, February 16, 2015

Roasted Pumpkin Soup

          When we were living in the US, during the pumpkin season, you can see so many dishes made from this vegetable, starting from soups, cakes, muffins, pancakes, pies and ice creams. I have always stayed away from these, the only dishes that I made with it were some Indian pachadis and curries. Only once, I was tempted to try a pumpkin flavored ice cream, I saw people around me having 2 or 3 ice creams but I didn't like it at all, so thereafter, no pumpkin flavors in anything. Now, then why am I trying this Roasted Pumpkin Soup, well, for one reason, the roasted part was tempting me and also, I had a whole pumpkin with me, I had made a curry with it, used it in bisi bele bhath, but still had more than half of the pumpkin. But, for whatever reasons I tried it, I am glad that I tried it, the soup came out good, the roasting part gives a nice flavor along with the coconut milk that I have added, and the most important thing, both the husband and daughter liked it very much..
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